Monday, March 14, 2011

Learn to Live More Simple

The first step is to reduce the waste prevention by a focus on recycling. Please try to promote a greater awareness of the importance of the part of the Reduce-Reuse of it . Make your life simple as possible and make efforts to reduce your purchases and enjoy your life with what you have. Try to replace all disposable items with reusable ones, try to prevent all polluting factors like smoke. Try to make people understand the value of nature, and thus help prevent disasters like global warming. All these polluting factors bring out all sort of diseases so use less. Create less waste in future and thus create a world of green living.


  1. I stopped buying bottled water a few years ago. opted for a filter and an aluminum bottle. Just as good, a fraction of the cost, and way less wasteful

  2. I try and recycle as much as possible, I also cycle both too work and back. I know its not much but its a start.

  3. i try not to waste any drink water