Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Go Digital to Save Money and the Environment

Save the paper and view the drawings digitally instead It is easy to say "scan it and save it and recycle the paper" or "send me an image instead of faxing me the document". But what is a good viewer to use for viewing scanned documents and drawings, without having to pay for additional software? Microsoft Document Imaging is the default Microsoft operating system tif file viewer. This allows users to view TIF image and drawing files. To reinstall Microsoft Document Imaging on a computer running Microsoft Windows, do the following: 1. Go to "Start", "Settings", "Control Panel", "Add/Remove Programs". 2. From the "Add or Remove Programs List", select "Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007" or "Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010". Then click on the "Change" button. 3. In the "Change your installation of Microsoft Office Professional Plus (version), select "Add or Remove Features". Select the drop down to turn on "Office Shared Features" and "Office Tools". 4. Click on “Continue”. The configuration window will pop-up and show a status bar. 5. When the configuration is complete, the status window changes to say "Microsoft Office Professional Plus (version) configuration has completed successfully." Click on "Close" to close the informational window. 6. After the configuration is complete, close all applications and restart the computer. You are now able to view scanned documents like receipts, documents, and common faxes without having to install additional software, saving paper in the process.


  1. I always try and limit my paper documents to as little as possible. Its just trying to get those last few company's to change.

  2. We have to save our forests ! =/

  3. I'm always digital, and I always try to convince everyone around me. Sometimes they listen, sometimes don't :(